Network Enforcer Interface Overview

This section will highlight and explain what each section of Network Enforcer's interface

The Toolbar (highlighted in Orange)
The toolbar houses the Options, Reports, View, and Help menus. The Options menu allows you to access all of Network Enforcer's options, importing and exporting, and log clearing functions. Reports allows you to create usage reports. The View menu allows you to view the computer list and alerts logs. The help menu includes links to help and program information. Lastly, the toolbar contains the important search bar, which allows you to search alerts logs for keywords.

The Control Pane (highlighted in Red)
The control pane gives you one click access to all of Network Enforcer's features, log management, computer management, and remote administration controls.

The Viewing Area (highlighted in Blue)
The viewing area is where you can view the list of computer and alert logs. Search results are displayed here as well. If you right click a computer you quickly view logs for it. If you double click a file log entry you can view the entry details. To bring up Network Enforcer's computer list click on "View" in the toolbar, then "View Computer List".

The Status Bar (highlighted in Green)
The status bar displays various status messages.

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