Log Viewing and Management

Network Enforcer's logs are very easy to work with, view, manipulate, and save. This section will give outline how to work with the logs in a variety of ways.

To view logs for a specific computer (or computers) select it from the computer list by clicking on it. Hold CONTROL on your keyboard to select multiple computers. Once you have computers selected click on "View Alerts Log " under the "Log Viewing" pane, OR under the "View" menu. Choose "For Selected Computer" to load the logs.

If you want to view logs for all computers just click on the "For All Computers" instead.

Additionally, you can view a computer's logs by right clicking on it in the computer list, and selecting "View File Usage".

Note: If the computer list is not visible click on "View" then "View Computer List".

Saving Logs
To save a log click on "Log Actions" then "Save Log", or "Save Alerts Log" in the main "Log Actions" pane, then enter a name for the saved log report. You will be asked if you want to view the saved log after the save completes.

Clearing Logs
Clearing logs operates the same as viewing logs, except that instead of loading the logs, you click on "Log Actions" then "Clear All Alerts Logs" or "Clear Alerts Log for Selected Computer". You can also clear logs from the "Options" menu.

Filtering Logs
You can use the filtering function to only list logs created on a specific date or security level. To do this click on "Log Actions" then "Filter Logs by Date...", or the appropriate "Show only..." command. Using the filtering commands, you can create custom log reports (such as all high security violations for a computer on a certain date).

Searching Logs
To quickly search a log after loading it, enter in a text string to search with and click the search icon. You can do this in the toolbar at the top of the Network Enforcer interface. You can search logs for dates, times, usernames, filter data, or any other keyword you can think of. Once a log is searched and its results are displayed you can then save this custom search result using the "Save Log" command explained above. This is useful for printing out reports containing specific data (such as all high security violations for a specific user).

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