Email Alert Configuration

One of Network Enforcer's responses to violated behavior filters is an email alert. Network Enforcer can be configured to send an email alert notification when filter security thresholds are met.

Setting it up
To configure Network Enforcer's Email Alerts click on "Email Alerts" tab after clicking on "General Options" in the "Options" menu . Enter your mail settings as explained below. When filter thresholds are met, you will receive an email stating when the event occurred, who performed it, and what they did exactly.

SMTP Host: This is your mail host that you use for your email clients. If you do not know this contact your ISP or system administrator. You can configure Network Enforcer to use an alternate SMTP port on your email host by configuring the host in the following format - hostname:alternateport (example:
Recipient: This is where the logs are delivered to. Most likely your own administrative email address.
Mail From: This is the address where your mail will be sending from. It is a good idea to use your own email address for this, or you can make up one (but this may not sometimes work well).
SMTP Authentication: If your SMTP host requires authentication on outgoing email then this option should be configured.

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