How Network Enforcer Works...

Network Enforcer is a powerful activity supervision and enforcement tool. Without violating user privacy (like activity recorders do), Network Enforcer ensures that users stay on task and do not perform inappropriate behaviors on your network, while not recording activities unless it relates to a direct behavior filter violation. Network Enforcer uses a set of very flexible filtering mechanisms with adjustable security levels that you configure so that it can react according when users repeatedly violate network behavior filters you create. Filters can be based on the following behaviors: keystrokes typed, emails sent/received, windows opened, applications used, websites visited, files/documents usage, and internet connection activity. Network Enforcer can block specific websites, applications, and windows when they are used, as well as alert you when any of the filters are violated a set number of times.

For example: you can configure Network Enforcer to only alert you when low security filters have been violated 10 times by a user, whereas you can have Network Enforcer alert you immediately when any high security filters are violated. The number of violations required before Network Enforcer reacts are called thresholds.

The Network Enforcer software has two components - the client, and the viewer/management application.

The Client
The client is a small program that you will never have to interact with directly. The client is installed on each computer on your network and gets its settings from the central location you install the viewer/management application on. The client is remotely controlled via the management application so you never have to directly do anything on the computer it is running on. The client can be physically, or remotely installed from within the management application. The client does all the supervision and filtering work - when it sees a user violating a behavior filter it will take appropriate action, as configured to do so.

The Viewer/Management Application
The viewer, or management application, is the main component you will be interacting with while using Network Enforcer. This application allows you to add computers that you want to manage on your network, configure them, and then finally deploy the client to them. This application allows you to view all user alerts logs, warns you when users violate behavior filters, creates activity reports, and more.

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