Computer Management in Network Enforcer

Adding a Computer to be Monitored
To add a computer to the management list click "Add Computer", then "Add Computer Wizard". Adding a computer is a two step process that the wizard will walk you through. First, you will need to specify a computer. You can use the browse button (...) to view network computers and select them - or you can manually enter them if you know their IP or computer name. Second, specify an administrator login for that computer. This login is only required and necessary if you plan on using Network Enforcers Remote Client Installation feature that installs the Network Enforcer client on the computer, without you having to physically install it. Click "Finish" to add the computer to the monitoring list.

On larger networks manually selecting a computer and adding it can be a tedious process. To help this you can use the Enumerate Network feature in the "Add Computer" menu. This will list all computers on your network. Once computers are listed in the enumeration results, you can click on a computer to select/deselect it. Once you have the computers you would like to add selected click on "Add". You will be walked through the "Add Computer Wizard" for each computer.

Removing a Computer
To remove a computer select it and click on "Remove Computer". You will be asked to confirm the action.

Configuring a Computer
To configure a computer's threshold, filtering, and login settings, as well as export and import settings, and synchronize settings, click on "Configure Computer". Please see the Computer Configuration section for detailed explanations on configuring the Network Enforcer clients in detail.

Client Installation
Remote Installation
Network Enforcer can install its client on any computer on your network without you having to physically go there and install it. To do this you only need to know the administrative login for each computer. You can change the administrative login settings from the "Configure Computer" menu after adding a computer, or specify the login while adding the computer.

To do the remote install select a computer in your list and click on "Install Client". Confirm your action and Network Enforcer will take over from there - installation only takes a few seconds if your login settings are correct. If the install fails you will be told why. When the installation completes the Network Enforcer client will be already running on the network computer. Once the client is installed you will want to synchronize its settings (you will be asked to do it after install completes). If you have not created any settings for it you can do so now (again by clicking on "Configure Computer"). Once configured you can sync settings by using the appropriate commands in the "Configure Computer" menu (again, Network Enforcer will prompt you to sync settings after every settings change).

Physical Installation
If you are unable to perform a remote network installation you can physically install the client on each computer by running the 'enforcerclientinstall.exe' file in your Network Enforcer installation folder on each computer on your network that you want to use Network Enforcer on. The installation is invisible and will only take a few seconds.

Client Commands
Network Enforcer allows you to remotely control the clients installed on each computer on your network. To issue commands to the client click on "Client Commands". From here you can close the client on the computer, uninstall it completely, and reset alert counts. If you need to synchronize settings on the remote computer click on the appropriate action in the "Configure Computer" menu.


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