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Network Enforcer solves the problems that come with traditional user activity monitoring and logging.

Trying to find the "bad" in all the "good" activity logs? Never miss an unwanted behavior, while never having to sort through tons of log data. You will never have to search countless logs for a few unwanted behaviors, and possibly overlook them in the process. You will never have to search for that "needle in the haystack" again when trying to find unwanted behaviors hiding within thousands of appropriate user behaviors that occur every day.

Don't want to log everything your staff, employees, and workers do on your network? You will not have to worry about violating your network users' privacy, as Network Enforcer only logs behavior filter violations, while leaving all other appropriate behaviors alone, and unrecorded.

Need to react immediately to high security threats and behaviors? Unlike conventional activity monitoring tools, Network Enforcer allows you to respond IMMEDIATELY to unwanted behaviors and security violations the instant they occur on your network. Would you rather find out a critical document has been leaked days after it happened, or immediately as the user is saving the file?

An example scenario of data theft, protected by conventional activity monitoring software:
An employee accesses a confidential finance report that should not be accessed and sees critical information. The user then closes the file and copies it to a thumb drive and leaves the scene. The network administrator logs in the next morning and views activity logs and luckily catches the event and takes appropriate action, but the damage is done.

The same scenario with Network Enforcer:
The employee opens the confidential finance report and triggers a high-security Network Enforcer behavior filter. The network administrator is alerted in real time, and via email, the computer is then locked down automatically by Network Enforcer within moments of the user opening the file - without the administrator having to do a thing.

Learn More about Network Enforcer   Buy Network Enforcer Now
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"Hi Scott. Thanks for all of your support. I wanted to let you know I got Network Enforcer installed last week. Enforcer is powerful! I think we finally know who has been violating our employee policies and snooping around our network. I can't thank you enough! - George Hutcheson"
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