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Network Enforcer can see an employee on your network violating specific behavior filters. With Network Enforcer employee restriction software, you can monitor the use of unwanted programs and applications, websites, windows, chat clients, and even monitor specific keystroke phrases.

Network Enforcer can instantly restrict many behaviors by closing the application, website, window, or chat client causing the violation. Network Enforcer employee restriction software maintains complete administrative control by allowing your network security settings to be configured so that only more threatening and severe behaviors are restricted, while less threatening ones are not.

Block Program and Application UsageBlock Program and Application Usage
Network Enforcer employee restriction software can block any application you want it to whenever a user runs it, preventing unauthorized application usage and time wasting.

Stop and Prevent Website VisitsStop and prevent Website Visits
Network Enforcer can block specific websites from being visited, frequented, and used, preventing wasteful web-browsing, and the presence of indecent material on your network.

Eliminate and Stop Typed Keystroke PhrasesEliminate and Stop Typed Keystroke Phrases
Network Enforcer employee restriction software can detect when specific keystroke phrases are typed and immediately close the window or program they are being typed in, preventing data leaks.

Block and Close Windows OpenedBlock and Close Windows Opened
Network Enforcer can block any window containing a specific caption or title and prevent it from being interacted with.

Eliminate and Block Chat Client UsageEliminate and Block Chat Client Usage
Network Enforcer employee restriction software can block popular chat clients from being used at all, preventing and circumventing a common avenue for data and intellectual property leaks.

Employee Restriction Capabilities in ActionSee Network Enforcer Employee Restriction Capabilities!

Learn More about Network Enforcer   Buy Network Enforcer Now
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