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Network Enforcer allows four primary functions to maintain your network security at all times. Below, you will find how Network Enforcer will allow you to supervise, restrict, respond, and report your network user activities.

What if you could place a network security supervisor behind each user on your network that made sure users stayed on task and did not perform unwanted behaviors? Now, what if you could do that in a cost-effective manner, without violating each user's privacy?

Network Enforcer represents the latest in network security software that allows you to do just that. While running invisibly on each computer on your network, Network Enforcer watches what users do and reacts accordingly depending on what behaviors you have set to be unwanted on your network.

Network Enforcer security software allows you to create behavior filters that apply to every computer on a network, or only specific computers, giving you complete control over user behaviors.

Network Security SoftwareNetwork Supervision Software - The Specifics

Network Enforcer can see an employee on your network violating specific behavior filters. With Network Enforcer network security software, you can monitor the use of unwanted programs and applications, websites, windows, chat clients, and even monitor specific keystroke phrases.

Network Enforcer can instantly restrict many behaviors by closing the application, website, window, or chat client causing the violation. Network Enforcer maintains complete administrative control by allowing your network security settings to be configured so that only more threatening and severe behaviors are restricted, while less threatening ones are not.

Network Security SoftwareEmployee Restriction Software - The Specifics

Network Enforcer categorizes all network security behavior filters under three security levels, allowing you to be alerted when a user has violated a handful of lesser, low network security behavior filters. When a user has violated a single high network security security filter, you will see these alerts instantly to take immediate action.

Network Enforcer's security thresholds allow you to take action and respond to immediate high network security threats, while allowing you to be alerted otherwise only when users are repeatedly violating a number of low network security filters.

Network Enforcer has various response actions that kick in immediately when a user violates enough behavior filters to meet a network security level's threshold. Network Enforcer's management software allows you to react instantly by issuing remote administration commands to the violating computer, in real time.

Network Security SoftwareRespond to Security Alerts - The Specifics

Network Enforcer has built-in reporting tools that create easy-to-read portable network security behavior reports that can be printed and presented to your staff.

The Network Enforcer reporting features range from brief network-wide computer behavior security summaries, to in-depth network security behavior filter alert reports broken down by security levels. With Network Enforcer, you can quickly create the reports you need for protecting the security of your network. All network security reports are able to be customized with custom searches and date filtering.

Network Security SoftwareNetwork Security Usage Reports - The Specifics
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"Hi Scott. Thanks for all of your support. I wanted to let you know I got Network Enforcer installed last week. Enforcer is powerful! I think we finally know who has been violating our employee policies and snooping around our network. I can't thank you enough! - George Hutcheson"
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