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The are several benefits you'll receive when using Network Enforcer at your business location to provide better network security. Be sure to see all of the Network Enforcer features as well.

Network Enforcer protects your network, and it protects and secures your assets. Network Enforcer accomplishes this through strict user behavior filters that allow you to govern what users are NOT allowed to do, and how many times they can get away with it before you are alerted, and Network Enforcer takes action.

Network Enforcer protects your network and assets by:

  • Blocking and Restricting Behaviors in Realtime
  • Alerting you in Realtime when high security filters are violated
  • Locking down user computers when specific behaviors occur
  • Blocking common chat messengers often used for data leaks
  • Observing and reacting to file activity on portable external and thumb drives
  • Using high customizable behavior filters that can be applied to your entire network, or specific computers

Network Enforcer will increase your user productivity on your network. From activity filtering and blocking, to alerting the user they have done something wrong, Network Enforcer ensures users stay on task and do not deviate - all without violating their privacy.

Network Enforcer increases user productivity by:

  • Blocking unwanted and inappropriate web content
  • Blocking unwanted and inappropriate program usage
  • Blocking popular chat messengers
  • Alerting users when they violate behavior filters
  • Logs only behaviors that are unwanted and should not be performed by users

Network Enforcer is a cost-effective endpoint security solution that is unmatched in its field. Combining specific user behavior tracking with realtime response mechanisms, Network Enforcer can save you an enormous amount of time and money.

Network Enforcer saves you money and time by:

  • Keeping users on task and productive
  • Allowing you to track the bad things you do not want to happen on your network
  • Removing the need for searching through endless activity logs for a few inappropriate/unwanted actions
  • Secures assets and prevents data theft on your network
  • Removes the need for exhaustive investigations for possibly troublesome employees
Learn More about Network Enforcer   Buy Network Enforcer Now
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